Daydream Interactive, LLC is a print and digital design company founded by award-winning UX/UI Designer and Art Director, Tiffany LaFleur.



Daydream Interactive, LLC is a full-service print and digital design company founded by Tiffany LaFleur. Tiffany lead UX/UI, Art, Marketing and Game Design for The Walt Disney Company for 7-years, where she contributed to over 60 apps and more than 100 e-books. Her experience expands beyond digital, having also worked in educational publishing with RR Donnelley (including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill), and in advertising, package design and point-of-purchase displays with Garmin International. With its network of collaborators and resources, including illustration, animation, editorial and programming, Daydream Interactive is multifaceted and multi-platform—from print to digital—kids to adults. 



VP Global Art Development, The Walt Disney Company

I have had the good fortune to work with Tiffany on many creative projects at The Walt Disney Company. She is an exceptionally talented contributor. Whether brainstorming, developing, or producing, she consistently provides original solutions that exceed expectation. Her visual communication and graphic design skills are top level. Her working knowledge of digital technology and how to leverage content, is inspiring to witness.

SVP Digital Media, AMC Networks and Disney

Tiffany brought us from the launch of the iPad to art directing the top kids/family global mobile publisher. She possesses a rare blend of creative strategy and impeccable delivery, all with an eye toward developing breakthrough consumer experiences. Tiffany was a visionary at Disney who won the respect of filmmakers (Pixar, Lucas, etc.) and television producers through the quality of her work and respect for brands/characters. I am awed by her capabilities, but above all the heart and passion that she brings to each of her projects.

Executive Director, The Walt Disney Company

Tiffany is an highly creative - while incredibly fast and high quality - digital designer, with talents that span from illustration to UI and UX for interactive mobile and web products. Not only her creative has been instrumental to creating amazing experiences, Tiff has proven time and time again that there is no visual storytelling medium or technique or product that she couldn't make awesome, including everything from storyboarding to marketing devices. Incredibly dedicated to her job and her team, Tiff is someone I would highly recommend hiring and working with for any design need.


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If you have any freelance or contracting needs, from UX/UI to print marketing...reach out! Daydream Interactive is a full-service design company, dedicated to helping brands develop their presence across multiple points of interaction and platforms—including print products, points of sale, websites, apps, social media, marketing campaigns and mobile games.

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